About Best Western Zaan Inn

Best Western Zaan Inn in Zaandam is ideally situated between hotspots for both business and leisure. The hotel can be easily reached by public transport and by car. Fancy a day out? How convenient! Tourist hotspots such as the historical and green Zaanse Schans, monumental Hembrugterrein and the refreshingly modern Zaandam city center are only a stone's throw away. Simply put: the ideal accommodations in this diverse landscape.


Het mysterieuze Hembrugterrein was ooit het streng beveiligde hart van de Stelling van Amsterdam. De tijd heeft het terrein inmiddels omgetoverd tot een mix van prachtig gerestaureerde gebouwen, desolate bouwvallen en ongerepte natuur waar je creatieve ondernemers, horeca en initiatieven vindt.


Zaanse Schans

The Zaanstreek is a region of the Netherlands and one of the oldest industrial areas of Europe. The residents of this area are known as 'Zaankanters'. The Zaanstreek is also home to the 'Zaanse Schans', an open air museum of old Zaan region homes, warehouses, and mills that were transferred here from all across the region in the 50's and 60's. The Zaanstreek used to be the bread basket of the Netherlands thanks to important industries such as wood processing and various food products. At its height, around 1720, there were around 600 mills in use simultaneously.

Shopping (Zaanbocht)

Je kunt in de winkelstraat de Zaanbocht heerlijk shoppen, lekker eten/drinken en bovendien gratis parkeren. Dat met prachtig uitzicht over de Zaan en industrieel erfgoed. Hippe boetieks, trendy winkels plus een frisse spirit bij de winkels die er al lang geworteld zijn. Er is van alles: food, fashion, cadeaushops en design. Bekijk de actuele openingstijden op de website van de winkeliers.


Walking, cycling and sailing

Special marshy grasslands and industry, village-like and city-like atmosphere, modern architecture and heritage. The Zaanstreek has a lot to offer and enough water and greenery to discover all of this in an active way. From a stroll along the industrial heritage to enjoyable cycle routes and trips by boat. 

Food & Drinks

Our region has been called the pantry of the Netherlands for a long time. Beautiful warehouses and old factories on the banks of our river Zaan still recall those days. The love for 'food' has never gone away. The well-known Zaan mayonaise and mustard have been joined by delicacies including Zaanse sambal, in October we celebrate the Cacao month, each year a Food Festival is hosted at the Zaanbocht, we have the best cooking store in the world, our own local eigen breweries and our own chocolate factory.


Zaandam City Centre

In recent years, the city centre of Zaandam has undergone a true metamorphosis. City Centre Zaandam offers a unique combination of shopping and entertainment, culture and history. In the city centre you can visit the Czar Peter House (Czaar Peterhuisje). This is one of the oldest wooden cottages surviving in the Netherlands, and is the place where the Russian Czar Peter the Great once used to stay when visiting the Netherlands to learn more about the Dutch shipbuilding industry. And also the French painter Monet has left his footsteps here in the centre of Zaandam.

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